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photo Karaoke. Wow, what a rush. What exactly is Karaoke? It is different things to different people. To some it is a form of therapy, for others it is an opportunity to be the star that they have always wanted to be. The real question is, what is Karaoke to you? Do you love and live Karaoke? This is the place for you. Do you know a Karaoke fanatic? This is the place for you. Are you Karaoke curious? This is the place for you. At STL Karaoke Times you will find information and links provided by you and people like you to enhance your Karaoke experience and make it more fun. You will find:

Please explore our website, check out the different links; share your feelings, your thoughts and your expertise. I look forward to hearing from you, seeing you, and hearing you at the different venues. I'll be the dummy sitting there with the laptop and passing out cards.


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